B.O.C – Whatever You Like.

Here Is Where You’ll Find The Epitome Of High Society Low Sobriety. It’s Also Where The Vision Of “Champagne & Dreams” Really Came To Life.

Skydeck Is Way More Than Just A Table At Your Favorite Major Music Festival For You & Your Friends To Get Obliterated At. It’s Another Event Within The Festival That If You’ve Never Experienced & You Have The Means – It’s Time.

From Elevated Decks You See By Every Stage, The Tables You See On Stage, Or The Private Elevated Islands Deep In The Crowd. This Is Skydeck – Where Limits Are Pushed.

Packages Range From 3K-125K & It’s A Simple Concept. The More You Spend, The Bigger The Experience & Less Rules To Abide By. From All Access, To Private Escorts & Dinners On Site, Even Your Own Security Detail Is Possible. Just Gotta’ Pay To Play & Don’t Forget About ++.

I Would Share Stories Of Past Experiences But You Wouldn’t Believe Me Anyway. Come See For Yourself & Join The Real Party At Every Event.

If You’re Serious About Joining Skydeck, Torching Cash & Having The Time Of Your Life. Submit To Receive Upcoming Dates & Package Details.