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B.O.C – 40 Stella’s Daily – We’re In Belgium!

Dates – 7/14/22-7/17/22 – Weekend 1.

Let Me Tell You – I’ve Always Heard About TML & People Going On & On About The “Experience” It Provides Attending This Magical Realm – But No Words Or Any Stories Suffice. Located In The Town Of Boom, It’s Nestled On An Incredibly Beautiful & Massive Park. I Say Massive Because I Was Diligent About Boozing All Over These Grounds – Be Ready To Earn It. Mind You We Had “The Mansions” PKG But From GA, To DreamVille (Camp), All Over. It’s Just A Different, Refreshing Atmosphere Full Of People From Many Nations. All Celebrating Life Together!

 Let’s Discuss The Mansion PKG For A Moment – A Mini “Temporary” Home W/ Bedrooms + Jacuzzi, On, W/ 24/7 Concierge For You & Your Friends. Choice.

If You Have The Means I Highly Suggest It.


We Had A Driver So We Started Boozin’ Early. Arrived To A “Welcome” BBQ, Dropped Our Luggage & Loaded Up Our Bands W/ “Pearls” (TML Currency). We Made Sure To Catch A Quick Buzz & Headed To The Pre-Party In DreamVille – This Party Really Set The Tone For The Incoming Weekend. I Couldn’t Tell You One Artist But That’s Just Because I’ve Never Heard Of Em’. Didn’t Matter, Music Was Solid & The Energy Was Unmatched. We Celebrated, Met New Friends & We All Drank Hard. Stella’s, Spirits, & Waters* (Key) All Of It. Nothing But Great Times On That Deck, I’ll Never Forget Screaming Bohemian Rhapsody At The Top Of My Lungs. Shoutout To The Newlyweds – Caroline & Antonin! Congrats!


Again, The “Mansions” On Site Were Placed Right Next To Their Bar/Lounge Area For Guests To Enjoy Daily. Waking Up Was A Real Blessing Everyday & I Truly Mean That. Breakfast Was Paired With Beers, Followed With A Jacuzzi To Help You Get Loose. Staff Drops Off The Daily TML Paper For You To Catch Up On Daily Activities & Specific Installations Not To Miss. It’s An Incredible Way To Start The Day. From There, Take A Quick Golf Cart Shuttle In & Start Roaming The Grounds. The Actual Festival Was Absolutely Wild, Detailed Everywhere In Its Own Way & There Was Something For Everyone. Stages Are Everywhere, An Underground Rave Cave, & Even A Post Office To Send Letters To Loved Ones – It’s Really Is Its Own World. Artists I Cared To See Day 1 Were Fisher, AVB @ MainStage & The Kid Himself, John Summit @ Crystal Garden. Fisher Was Per Usual On Fire, AVB Never Disappoints & Unfortunately – I Don’t Remember Much Regarding Summit’s & I Don’t Think He’d Want It Any Other Way. Somehow We Made It To Our VIP Driver Yuri & Back To The Mansions For Late Night After’s. Overall Incredible Night 1. Shoutout To Alex & The Rest Of Youngbucks We Met A Couple Mansions Down – True All Stars.


Repeat Friday Morning Breakfast, Keep It Simple. I Did Make Sure To Tour DreamVille Entirely Once Finished. After B2B Days Of Heavy Beer Consumption It’s Good To Get The Beers Going & The Blood Flowing. Dreamville Itself Was Another Whole City, Grounds Included A Serious Kickboxing Area, Gym, Tennis Courts & Was Full Of So Much Culture. From Hardcore Russian Techno Heads Getting Shredded, To Soccer Lads Chanting, Slammin’ Pints – It Had It All. Shortly After We Left Dreamville To Hit The Grounds For Dombresky B2B Noizu, Maceo Plex & Of Course The King Himself Timmy Trumpet – Yup, The King. All Artists Were Set For Mainstage, However I Knew I Had To Cut Away For Purple Disco Machine & ArtBat. Each Set Just Set A New Bar Of Expectation – Especially Purple Disco Machine (So Hot Right Now). The Production, Immersive Grounds, To The Performers , All Of It Was Really Another Breathtaking Day – Especially TT’s Set. The Man Is An Absolute Legend & I’ve Never Seen Him On Such A Bigger Stage In My Life! Once Again, We Of Course Made It Back For The Appropriate After’s Featuring The Youngbucks & Our Dutch Friends.


Ah, Day 3. The Day That Separates The Men From The Boys In The World Of Festivals. Following Saturdays Late Night, Everyone Was Dragging. However, You Must Push Sometimes & See It Through. This Was Exactly One Of Those Days – There Is No Other Option. You Stick Together, Reinforce Positivity On The Group & Just Keep Boozin’. You’re Almost At The Finish Line, But Do You Really Want It To End? Due To The Late Night Some Lads Had A Later Start. I Decided To Venture Solo Towards A Restaurant Called Mesa. I Read In That Daily Paper That This Place Featured Wines, Lobster & Oysters – So Naturally I Had To Go & Find Out. Just Like It Read, It Featured Exactly That, With Random Artists Spinnin’ Disco Within The Lounge Area. Just Another Unreal TML Experience. Name An Event Where You Can Take A Quick Break, Eat Delicious Shellfish & Meet Individuals From All Over The Globe. Shortly After We Decided To Meet Back At MainStage & Snag A Table To Close It Out Strong. Although I Did Not Care To See Marshmello, I Was Actually Surprised With His Performance. Martin Garrix Closed It Down Proper & It’s Appropriate, He’s Been Closing Down MainStage For Awhile Now. Elite Fireworks Were Displayed & Soon Reality Crept Back In. It’s All Over & Now I Get What Everyone Has Been Talking About.


The Experience Left Me In Awe & Wanting So Much More. The People We Met & The Times We Shared Will Never Be Forgotten. If You Love Festivals – You Must Go In Your Lifetime.


Interested In Joining Us Next Year At TML 2023?